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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The most valuable streaming service you can invest in this year, and it’s completely FREE!!

The clock is ticking down… your performance is about to start. After months of truly testing training, dedicated dieting, experiencing the highest of highs, and the lowest of lows, you find yourself moments away from bringing this all together in one feat of physical perfection.

Yet, we are starting to feel doubt creep in...

You have looked across at your fellow competitors – “They are taller, bigger, and most definitely stronger than me, how am I meant to compete against that!”

You begin to reflect on your training and preparation – “If only I had done that extra session, ran that extra km, done an extra rep, ate better food.”

You’re finding every reason why you can’t do this and letting your brain’s flight response command your pre-performance thoughts, which will inevitably follow you into your performance when it starts.

It is at these points that we want to turn to our dedicated confidence streaming platform, CONFIDENCE+

Build your CONFIDENCE+ through the lens of your life, equipped with different genres and categories, ready to play on the big screen so you can relive those moments when you need them most.

Unfortunately, this isn’t actually a streaming service that you can sign up for. However, why can’t we make it ourselves?

When we find ourselves experiencing the pre-performance jitters, and our confidence begins to plummet. Suppose we have created a series of confidence-bolstering highlight reels to play through our minds at these points. Then we can actively work on shifting our minds from flight to fight, replacing the self-doubt with efficacious evidence to manipulate our emotional state.

You may consider yourself a confident person generally, however, we do not perform in a vacuum, and our environment can have a profound impact on our confidence state.

Therefore, start archiving confidence-bolstering content during your competition prep, which can help restore this confidence to your trait base level.

Download Getahead today and start developing your go-to streaming service, CONFIDENCE+


Head of Mental Performance


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