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This shared belief drove us to create Get Ahead. We wanted a routine that allowed us to strengthen both mental and physical fitness. Something that doesn’t just talk or offer theory but enables us to put proven techniques into practice. That didn’t exist so we set out to create Get Ahead - a brand, business and training ground that represents how we feel about life. 

The relationship between mental and physical health is the key. The effort we put into sport & exercise is tangible and measurable. Therefore, it's the perfect way to expose ourselves to adversity in a meaningful way. It gives us the confidence, discipline and resilience to get ahead in other aspects of life. 


Our vision is to enable people, all people, to discover their full potential. At any stage of their self-improvement journey. Training mental skills has traditionally been reserved for elite athletes. Our training ground is available to anyone looking to better themselves and reach their next-level.


It’s a dedication to bring together the mind and body. We don’t believe that you turn one off and the other comes on, they are interdependent. We believe that If you have a good mindset you have a good training session, and with a good training session you have a good mindset.


By challenging how it’s always been done, we can evolve the conversation around our mental approach towards physical training. Designed to take a proactive stance on a reactive subject, we’re here to enable a mindset routine that will improve people beyond their training. 


Get Set is our initiative to give 5% of all profits and work with organisations that focus on disadvantaged youth sport. Why are we doing it? Because we think the mental skills learned through sport & exercise can improve the lives of everyone, and the sooner we learn them, the better we’ll be. It’s a fundamental part of our mission to help our community lead happier, healthier lives.

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