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Here's what you need to know to get started. Got a specific question that's not on the list? Send us a message via the Contact Us page.

What is Getahead?

We want to accelerate awareness around mindset training so wider audiences can access ways to overcome barriers and realise their goals. We do this through content, community and via the Getahead app. Our proactive approach towards mental health is accessible to everybody.


Think of the Getahead app as a training ground for your mindset. Through on-demand access to the latest and most effective psychology-backed tools, Getahead enables you to create a mindset routine to improve your mental fitness and realise your full potential.

Is Getahead for me?

Getahead is for the improvers. Anyone looking to better themselves and reach their next level. Whether you’re looking to achieve something specific or improve your overall mental wellbeing, Getahead supports you to develop the mental skills needed to overcome barriers and realise your goals. If this sounds like you then you've come to the right place.

Why sport & exercise for mental health?

Sport & exercise is such an important context for mental health. Physiologically it enhances the level of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) a protein that acts like miracle grow for the neurons you attempt to fire more often.


Psychologically, the effort we put into sport & exercise is tangible, measurable and best of all trainable. Therefore, it's the perfect arena to expose ourselves to these mental skills in a meaningful way. It gives us the confidence, discipline and resilience to get ahead in other aspects of life.

What is a mindset routine?

You may be familiar with a physical warm up and cool down around sport & exercise. Getahead enables you to warm up and cool down your mind. Your mindset routine takes just a few minutes each day. Warm up in the morning or before you train to harness your inner voice. Cool down after you train or in the evening to convert your daily experiences into learnings.


As with any meaningful growth, it doesn’t happen overnight. Changing habits requires consistency and discipline. That’s why we’ve created a mindset routine - one that compliments your daily life. Features include:

  • Guided journaling with text, image and speech functionality 

  • Self belief scoring & tracking

  • Interactive emotional discovery 

  • Emotion productivity scoring & tracking

  • Notifications, streaks, milestones & rewards

What do I get out of it?
  • Get motivated: Clarify your purpose and understand the ‘why’ behind your actions. Connecting our actions to the bigger picture keeps us motivated through the daily actions we do and don’t enjoy.

  • Get committed: Trying to organise thoughts in our head can make it difficult to prioritise. By getting out of our head and into a journal, we establish coherence and commitment on our day. 

  • Get confident: Reflecting on experiences is key to breaking negative thought patterns and reinforcing positive ones. When things don’t go as planned, this can lead to faulty associations that quickly become reinforced into beliefs that work against us. When things do go to plan, it’s important to savour these moments and to ensure we acknowledge and learn from the thoughts and behaviours under our control that contributed to the success. 

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